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My name is Akinola Verissimo.
I dabble in hosting, announcing, voice acting, video production, social media, and community management. In the end, I love entertaining people more than anything else in the world.

Since late 2012, I've gone from casually making silly videos on the internet to becoming one of the recognizable faces (and voices) of the League of Legends community. I'm known for my signature voice and large stature but I'm always looking for new territory to make my mark - online and offline. I love making content to bring smiles, laughs, and positive thinking to my viewers worldwide.


voiceOVER Demo Reel:

voiceOVER credits

Eight the 8-Ball - Dungeon Dynamite (2016)
In-Game Announcer - Blue Revolver (2016)
Voiceover - Commercial ad for CyberpowerPC (2015)
VinceDORMS, an Animated Web Series (2013-2015)


Announcer, CEO 2017 Smash Bros. Melee Top 8 | Orlando, FL
Announcer, League of Legends 2016 Summer Split Finals | Toronto, Ontario
Announcer, League of Legends 2016 Spring Split Finals | Las Vegas, NV